These are my John Mayer tattoos. I have one more besides these three, it’s a tiny shamrock on my right arm. John is obviously a huge part of my life, his music (primarily Battle Studies) got me through a super rough time in my life where I lost a boyfriend and a best friend at the same time (they…erm took sides against me, sure I did shitty stuff but I’m not sure I deserved that kind of treatment but that’s besides the point here…) 

I got the Heartbreak Warfare heart w/ the lightning bolt through it in January 2010, and I got it as a reminder of how much the events of that time had changed me for the better and I guess it’s always going to be a reminder to me that no matter how much crappy stuff I go through and no matter what happens to me I’ll always be able to come out of whatever situation that breaks my heart to the point where it basically feels like a “lighting strike inside my chest” I’ll come out of the situation stronger & better than ever. 

The “Home Life” was a long time coming - I always LOVED seeing those tattoos when I saw John in concert and I’m kind of sad I haven’t seen him since I got them in November 2010…granted he hasn’t gone on tour but I’d LOVE to show them off at a concert - I’m sure I’ll get a chance in 2012. I’ve always related to the song “Home Life” and I know what John’s feelings on the song & tats are and I sort of share those feelings myself. Sure, they aren’t the same exact feelings but to me it’s that feeling of always wanting something more in my life, which is something I feel now way more than I did last year when I got these tattoos but no matter how much I’m looking for adventure and looking for bigger and better things, I know that eventually I’ll stop in my tracks and be completely happy with a “home life” of comfortableness and just being happy with where I am and what I’m doing - I know it’s coming, I don’t know when but I know it’s coming and I’ll get there eventually. 


I have a few more John Mayer themed tats planned - I sort of want “88” on my chest in the same place that John has his “77” - I don’t think I need to explain that. 

I always sort of want lyrics…either something from “Bigger Than My Body” or something from “Gravity” I haven’t decided - maybe both eventually, but I know I want something lyrical on my body from John’s words.